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New & improved spike fitment

Our new HEX range of spikes and wrench makes fitting spikes easier than ever before.  We've added a HEX shape at the based of the spike to aid fitment.

The old style spike simply had two flat sides that, when worn, would be difficult to remove.  The HEX shape at the base of the spike eliminates the problem cause by well worn spikes or spikes that are stuck and stubborn to remove.

  1. HEX socket allows for easier fitment, fitting over the spike.

  2. Better for removing stubborn & worn spikes

  3. Available in 7mm, 9mm and 19mm Conical spikes...more coming!

  4. The HEX shape at the base of the spike does't change the Conical shape of the spike and will continue to meet competition rules.

Hex flange spikes.png

Our new HEX socket wrench is designed to fit over the HEX shaped spike, allowing for better fitment off and on. Even when the spikes are worn the HEX based will make remove easier. 

​The socket wrench is made of a light weight aluminium handle with a textured surface to better grip when your hands are sweaty! The shaft is made of hardened steel to aid durability and the strength to remove over tightened spikes.

Replacement Spike Socket Wrench

The overall length of the new socket wrench is 12cm (about the size of a small adult's hand) and is suitable for the young and the experienced athlete alike. 

The handle is hollow with an easy to remove cap on the end so you can store spare spikes, perfect for when you need to do some track-side repairs.

Finally, the socket fits over the spike for better control and is deep enough to fit up to and including 19mm grass spikes.

Keep in mind that the first time you remove your old spikes you will need to use the conventional spike key but from then on you'll be able to enjoy the full benefits of the new style HEX socket wrench.

1N5A1008 (1).png
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